Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Adversity! Who's to Blame? Part 2 of 3

Speaking from experience I know that adversity is never easy. The word itself makes us cringe. The circumstances may be similar but the experiences are very different. One person loses a pet, another loses a job. Someone experiences a broken appliance, another a broken relationship. A man buries a dream while a woman buries a child. Adversity comes in many fabrics but the familiar thread is pain.

It can make you think and say some pretty crazy things. More than once I wished I was never born. Sometimes in the pits I think if I just stay on top of the garbage, I'll be able to climb out. I have been tempted to give up, give in and get out. After all, what's not to like about that place called Heaven? There will always be wind beneath my wings. Harping on something will have a whole new meaning. Those Golden Arches will be totally fat free. When we shout or sigh "Oh my God", we will unmistakably hear Him say, "Yes?". And we will finally get the answer to the question "Why?".

Why is this happening? Who is responsible for bringing this travesty upon me?

Joseph, you must have blamed your brothers for your troubles. They plotted to kill you.

No, I didn't blame them. It was God that sent me into Egypt.

Are you saying that God is responsible for your adversity, Joe?

Yes, it's just as I told my brothers. God was behind it.

But Joseph, how can you blame God?

He sent me ahead of my brothers to pave the way so that their lives would be saved. It was God who brought me through everything so that I would be in charge; a ruler of Egypt when the famine came. I gave my family a place to live and plenty of food to eat. God meant it all for good.

Joe, I can see the ending to your adversity and that makes it easier for me to understand what God was doing. But what about the person who feels like the pain in their life has no purpose?

I felt that way too, that life was pointless.

Yes Job, your suffering certainly was undeserved. Wasn't Satan to blame for your adversity?

No, it was God's idea to test me. He gave me everything I had and then took it all away. But, I did not curse His name. I asked God questions from my heart and He blessed me for being honest. At the end of my testing He gave me back everything I had and more. It was His right and good that He tested me.

To Be Continued...

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