Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Tavern Tabernacle

Where were they that dark spring night
She drove away out of sight
Far from paltry paralyzed limbs
Running fleeing a life dimmed
By rejection hate and pain
With little hope or love to gain
Seeking departure to slip away
A dark retreat among the foray
Of emotions tumbling twirling in her soul
Pitched into a cold black hole
In space where time has no remorse
That in their hands lay recourse
The answer to a life withdrawn
From their faces shines the dawn
Stained glass windows of a church
Close to those amid a search
For light may choose to stay away
Lost sinners respite in that way
They keep a vigil from afar
For those in pubs of ill regard
No savor for Salvation's blood
Flowing free amidst the flood
Drowning sorrow in the soul
Saving favor making whole
A heart once broken in its place
Shame on them who hold back grace
From those in tabernacles found
A tavern of lost souls abound

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