Friday, July 16, 2010

Monster's Ink

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up feeling like 'It' came sometime between twilight and dawn, and stole every once of your joy? This morning I dragged myself from my bed feeling like something colored my world with black ink and wondering what monsters will chase me down today. I summed it up like this.

Will the dog play duty on the floor, 
Or the cat tear the screen from the door? 
Will the horses get sick? 
Will I come in with a tick? 
Will the monsters increase more and more?  

Will the window's bad pane
Leak the thundering rain? 
Will the ceiling fan last
Til' the summer is past,
While those monsters sing their refrain?

Will the bills yell "Attention!" 
While I fail to mention 
The blue house is straining 
For a fresh coat of staining
With the monsters collecting their pension?

Will my kids need a favor
 While life holds no flavor? 
Will my washer never get fixed
And my dryer stay nixed
While those monsters make life even graver?

Will my spouse need a lift
When I've nothing to gift?
Will the bank fail to sanction
The loan modification
While those monsters are causing a rift?
But wait, there's a door
On this monster's work floor,
To help with life's riddles
It's crossed in the middle,
Where the monsters no longer keep score!

The flowers are all pink 
And the doorknob is zinc.
There is oh so much more
Just inside this great door.
And here there is no monster's ink!

Have a great day ya'll!!

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