Sunday, January 23, 2011

Once Upon A Friend...part 2

Years passed and they returned favors, shared old family recipes, and deepest secrets. They talked about old memories and laughed over new ones. As with all friendships, theirs was tested and endured for a time, but once upon a friend began to change. The coldness in her heart settled in to stay after the death of her spouse. Her iced remarks and insensitive nature came more often and were more intrusive, each time inflicting deeper wounds upon the spirit of the other.

Then tragedy struck. The no longer young wife and her husband of thirty-three years lost their daughter. Christmas, that year, found the family still suffering from the rawness of loss, and the celebration of the holiday brought a fresh pang of sorrow. A simple pop of an infraction between a dad and his daughter set off a chain of firecracker snaps. 

The girl that was, years before, found herself yet again the target of cruel and cutting remarks. Like so many times before, she bit down her retaliation and kept silent, refusing to dishonor the elder. Perhaps grief tainted the tips of the arrowed words causing their caustic poison to burn deep into her heart, but the scars remain to this day on what was once a friendship that spanned the ages.

The once young girl has separated herself, and laid strategic boundaries. She still loves and admires that once upon a friend. She was a woman who forged through the depression, lost her first husband to the war, saw the death of a child of her own and watched her homestead burn to the ground. She was a woman who in the face of adversity just didn't quit. 

I would have to agree with the words of one near and dear to me, once upon a friend was an "incredible woman".

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