Friday, January 21, 2011

Scrambled Friends describes scramble as moving quickly using hands and feet; to move hastily and with urgency: to collect and organize disorderly, or to mix together confusedly. I am scrambling tonight friends, using my hands to hurriedly tap out letters hastily and with urgency, to collect and organize words so that I can mix them together confusedly.

I tuned in too late to use a writing prompt over at NaBloPoMo that asked, "What are three things you can do to be a better friend to the people in your life?" That would require much more thinking effort on my part than I have time for tonight. Not because I can't think of a million little things that I could do to be a better friend, but that I can pick only three really narrows down the playing field. 

So, in an effort to be a friend to those of you who are following along on my month long journey, I give you my collection of hastily scrambled, organized words connected to friendship. I hope you enjoy unscrambling them.

1. edinfsr
2. sbeistrdefn
3. loaly
4. icerens
5. idkn
6. hostne 
7. fafhutli
8. deedlnpeba
9. atdednnginurs
10. tneitpa
11. silnets
12. rcefleuh
13. acgnri
14. hftguuhlto
15. nivggi 

16. pouirvptes 

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