Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What I Learned About Life, I Learned From A Motorized Wheelchair

My Daughter, Sharon
When life tries to run you over simply step aside.

Just because you are in the driver's seat doesn't mean you know where you are going.

If you are looking for adventure ask for an all terrain adapter kit.

If you are out for a joy ride watch for potholes.
Life would be much easier if it was a constant 1 to 12 pitch.

No matter what life tells you, you cannot go where you want, when you want, independently.

You can demand the best but life is still what you make of it.

Life comes with a joystick but you still need to learn how to use it.

It is crucial to recharge your battery.

Freedom has restrictions.

Transitions are a reality.

Life leaves tread marks.

Sometimes you need a lift.

The design and development of our lives is comprised by Someone committed to our disabilities.
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