Friday, June 1, 2012

No Reason to Jump for Joy

The passing of my Arabian horse, Shafi Halim is  heartbreaking for me. He was a part of my life for over twenty years. Neither words nor pics can describe the amazing horse he was or the joy he brought to my life and the sadness I now feel.  

And God took a handful of South wind 
and from it formed a horse, saying:
"I create thee, Oh Arabian. 
To thy forelock, I bind Victory in battle.
On thy back, I set a rich spoil 
And a Treasure in thy loins.
I establish thee 
as one of the Glories of the Earth...
I give thee flight without wings."

-- from Ancient Bedouin Legend 

His is a power enhanced by pride, a courage heightened by challenge. His is a swiftness intensified by strength, a majesty magnified by grace. His is a timeless beauty touched with gentleness, a spirit that calls our hearts to dream.
Author Unknown


All horses deserve, at least once in their lives, 
to be loved by a little girl.
Author Unknown

Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart. 
You will never regret it.
Author Unknown


To many, the words love, hope and dreams are synonymous with horses.
Author Unknown


In the steady gaze of the horse shines a silent eloquence that speaks of love and loyalty, strength and courage. It is the window that reveals to us how willing is his spirit, how generous his heart.
Author Unknown 


 You took me to adventure and to love. We two have shared great joy and great sorrow. And now I stand at the gate of the paddock watching you run in an ecstasy of freedom, knowing you will return to stand quietly, loyally, beside me.
Pam Brown

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