Tuesday, May 11, 2010

God Is Bigger Than The Boogey Nose

It was a frosty winter night. The lights were low, a warm fire crackled, and The Toy That Saved Christmas played on the small screen. Josh, our first grandson, was a picture of merry mirth dressed in his jingle jammies and cuddled up in his mommy's lap. It was our first encounter with Veggie Tales, and when Larry the Cucumber sang Oh Santa, we were hooked.

Since that night, nearly fifteen years ago, those lovable vegetables have been crashing our crisper. And, six more grandchildren are talking to tomatoes and waltzing with potatoes.

The youngest veggi-maniac in the family is two. Magnolia loves her veggies. One of her favorites is Where's God When I'm Scared. When she's not watching, she's singing. So, it was no surprise when she bounced on the chair like Junior, the adolescent asparagus, and started a serenade.  What was sweetly surprising were the words to her song. In her best Jr voice she belted out "God is bigger than the boogey nose..." with all the zappy zesto she could muster.

I laughed till I cried. With nose running faster than my tears, I summed up my nostril nostalgia. My life right now is a boogey nose. The harder I try to dig in, the more sneeze weed blows out.

My clothes dryer dried up. The washing machine took a dive. The refrigerator is nearly on ice. The car's exhaust is fuming and the riding mower moved to death row. The only mortgage I can afford is on a board game. Money is tighter than a rusty bolt. So tight that when my daughter offered me a penny for my thoughts, I took it! Yup, definitely a big, snotty, runny, boogey nose.

As my tears dyed a trail down my cheeks, the innocent words out of the mouth of a babe sunk into my heart. In that tiny tune from a tender tot came the wisdom from above.

God is bigger! He is bigger than that nasal cavity with a giant size sheet for a tissue. He is bigger than the virus of vexation. He is bigger than sneeze weed. He is bigger than what life blows at ya. God is bigger than the boogey nose, and He watches out for you and me.

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