Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ain't Nothin' a Little Duct Tape Can't Fix

It is  reinforced, adhesive, strong, multi-purpose, soft and flexible, water resistant and generally silver in color. Developed in 1942, duct tape has become the crux of jokes and hailed as a rescuer when its usage saved the lives of three astronauts aboard Apollo 13. It became famous in our family when the kids thought it was 'duck' tape...quack, quack.

Why is this silver savior the subject of my blog?   See pic :) 

Yes, that is duct tape holding the sweep to the door. It would be an easy and inexpensive task to buy a new sweep and simply replace the old. But, the 'money pit' is once again sucking me into its depths, "Wood's rotted, won't hold a screw." Voila! Duct tape, quack-quack.

Beside the fact that the door is 20 years old, it also has a jimmied jam from when I locked myself out, lightly dressed, on the coldest day in history! And, remembered I gave my only spare key to one of my kids. It was a toss up, a cracked jam or a sawz-all hole in the wall. 

I know what you're thinking. You might be a redneck's broke, fix it with duct tape. I hope I don't have to live with this for long. But, to be honest, we just don't have the resources right now to buy a new patio door, and truth be told, I am feeling a little back woods.

Well, after a few other dips in the money pit, a full box of kleenex, and a money pit-ty party, complete with balloons and noise makers, I have decided to pull my sense of humor over my rags and have a good time with this.

Duct tape really is a stick to it cure for what ails ya. Take a look.

My hubby, the carpet installer, came up with this one. When you're installing carpet, cut your finger, and have no band-aids. Duct tape, quack-quack! 

Money slipping through your fingers? Make it stick with this hi-ho silver beauty. Duct tape, quack-quack!

Need a quick centerpiece? No problem! A rose by any other name is still a rose. Duct tape, quack-quack!

How many men does it take to keep the toilet seat down? No one knows. Duct tape, quack-quack!

Butt!! We all know, crack kills. Saving the world, one crack at a time. Duct tape, quack-quack!

Life isn't always a loon, sometimes it's just a duck and that is when I want to STICK IT TO IT! 

Life is also about choices to adjust or self-destruct. So, if I have to walk through this red-neck of the woods, I am determined to enjoy the shade. I will hike along with my Duct Tape Rolls to Live By and place sticky ducts on everything I see to remind me to stick to it.

Duct tape roll #1: When life hands you duct tape, make roses!
That way when your buds of calm burst you can blossom into hysteria.

Duct tape roll #2: Shiny side up!
A frown is just a smile turned upside down. Stand on your head if you have to but look for the humor in every situation. It will kill time between disasters.

Duct tape roll #3: Stay flexible!
Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape.

Duct tape roll #4: Be soft and strong!
God will accept your broken heart if you give Him all the pieces and in return He will give you strength to stick to the course.

Duct tape roll #5: Stick together!
Life is always way more fun if it's shared. I would love to hear some of your own duct tape rolls, or quacky stories. You can comment to me here or email me.

Ya'll pray for me now, ya hear?

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  1. the roses are beautiful, i wish i could make them like that


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