Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Five Friendship

Talk about writer's block! Mine has been more like a few square miles. I've been around and around that block for the last month and haven't found one crack to squeeze through. Even though my little plot has been filled with an array of scenery, I have not been able to write a single line about depression, oppression, highs, lows, surprises, demises, or mass hysteria. So, in an effort to jump start my pertinacious pen to put something in writing I am sharing a Friday Five from over at revgalblogpals where Songbird writes:

"If you're ever in a jam, here I am. If you're ever in a mess, S.O.S. If you're so happy, you land in jail. I'm your bail. It's friendship, friendship, just a perfect blendship. When other friendships are soon forgot, ours will still be hot.

I'm thinking a lot about friends these days, the ones who rush to you in times of trouble, with a casserole or a socket wrench or an invitation for coffee or lunch or a trip to the foot sanctuary. We meet friends in school or on the playground or at church or in the workplace and even on the Internet. Even as blogging has experienced some decline, the community here has been strong."

For today's Friday Five, here are some questions about friendship and my answers. If you would like to play along, leave your answers in my comment box.

1.  Who is the first friend you remember from childhood?

This is a painful one for me. I didn't have a childhood friend. My home was not kid or friend friendly. I do remember beginning a friendship with someone, I think her name was Kathy. Her dad owned the bar that my father frequented whenever he had the chance. One day our fathers got into a heated argument and I was never allowed to see Kathy again. When I was sixteen I met my best friend. We've been married for 41 years this November. 

2. Have you ever received an unexpected gift from a friend?

I am sorry to say, I have not.

3. Is there an old friend you wish you could find again?  Or have you found one via social media or the Internet?

I have no old friends to find, but I do enjoy making new ones on Facebook.  

4. Do you like to get your good friends together in a group, or do you prefer your friends one on one?

I enjoy both, but my preference is a group.  

5.  Does the idea of Jesus as a friend resonate with you?

Most definitely! Jesus is the friend who has always been there for me. In my childhood, He was my familiar Stranger. I felt His presence in my loneliest and most painful times. He is still the one I run to, cry to, scream to, and bare my soul to. I am so grateful He choose me.

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  1. I'm sorry about that childhood stuff. :-( Glad you married your best friend! I need to talk to you...wonder how we could work that out?


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