Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why I Blog

 I blog because I'm in a tizzy.
I blog to keep my fingers busy.

I blog in mourning or in joy.
I blog about my girls and boy.

I blog at sunrise in the park.
I blog at sunset in the dark.

I blog to gripe, bemoan my life.
I blog to rid me stress and strife. 

I blog the facts and fiction too.
I blog about my woes and blues.

I blog a lot when I am bored.
I blog to tell about my Lord.

I blog when I am on the spot.
I blog with everything I've got. 

I blog because I've got a plan.
I am my blogs most favorite fan.

 I blog to keep my wee mind sane.
Not to blog would be a pain!

And THAT is why I blog.  

Written in response to this weeks The Writer's Club prompts:

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  1. Awesome! This is so cute thanks for posting.


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