Thursday, March 11, 2010

Snow Flakes and Sparrows

They fell from the sky in legions; tiny sentinels covering the ground in crystal armor. I scooped them up by the shovel full and dumped their wee bodies in a mound. Most years I enjoyed a good Wisconsin winter. I loved watching the snowflakes cascade from the sky coating the trees like Crisco and quilting the landscape in patches of immaculate frost. Hot chocolate and a captivating book in front of a cozy fire warmed my hands and my heart, but this year the snow was just another weight to bear. I leveled the shovel and pushed my way through the cushy white powder. 

Up to my knees in ivory flakes I felt buried by life’s storms and lost in the white out. There was no escape from the fury of adversity that swept in like a gale and in the backwash left only loss and despair. I was a wounded warrior with no more to give but an empty heart.

My mind rolled back the laments of my agony like a heavy velvet curtain and a rush of tears stung my eyes and froze on my cheeks. I wailed and railed at God as if pummeling His chest for an answer. I cried out in anguish, "It's been long enough, God! You've ignored me and refused to hear my cry. How long must I carry this sorrow in my heart?" I spent every emotion within myself. There was nothing left but soft sobs and then silence. Then a tiny tweet softly called to me.

It was faint at first, like a whisper laid on a pillow and then it crescendo-ed into an elaborate symphony. There, above the high rise drifts, was an orchestra of sparrows playing just for me. Those little winged creatures, whose worth is considerably less than a penny, performed an elaborate composition of far grander proportions than the Philharmonic. They followed the lead of the Great Conductor and His interpretive decisions. Slow, fast, soft, loud, smooth, energetic; all communicated through the baton and gestures of the Master.

Their euphony of sound echoed God's love to me and the backdrop of unique confetti snowflakes made it all the more beautiful. I felt my heart lighten and my spirit rise. In that moment I knew, God's eye was on the sparrow and He was also watching over me.

We all experience loss, destruction and hardships in life. We might feel hopeless, helpless, or worthless; that life is too painful, our will to fight is gone, and we don't want to go on. We might feel that we are of low degree, and of little value and our heart and flesh cry out for something better.

Don't give up! Like each snowflake we are created with a unique design. We are made in the image of The Great Designer, and with a specific purpose. You may feel as if you've been pushed aside, left in a mound of forgotten flakes. But God has not forgotten you!

He is big enough for you to beat on His chest and pummel Him with your questions. In the quiet He will surround you with His love and sing to you with the sparrows; those tiny creatures, so plentiful that they are considered of little value. Yet, not one falls to the ground that the Father doesn't care about. Though they are small they are not forgotten. Even the sparrow has found a home in the altar of God. YOU are worth far more than a sparrow!


  1. A lovely God moment! Why haven't you told me you have a blog, woman in cute shoes? :-)

  2. Hehehe...Thanks SingingOwl. Gotta go put on those way cute shoes now...I got a date with Father :)


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