Saturday, March 27, 2010

If Life Is A Maze, How Do I Get To The "ing"?

Everybody loves Ziggy. Round, bald, trouserless and barefoot, Ziggy is always a step behind, out on a limb, a day late, a dollar short, and one lane away from the fast lane. But we love him because at some point in life everyone feels like Ziggy.

Last week while sorting through the snippets and scraps of my life collected along the way I uncovered a comic of Ziggy standing in the middle of a maze. Next to him a large X marks a spot that says "You Are Here". At the exit of the maze is a wedge of cheese. As is the nature of mazes, there are a number of hallways leading to dead ends, with only one passage way to the cheese. 

I sat in repose for a few moments recollecting the number of times I felt just like Ziggy in that comic. To uncover it now seems fluky. Once again I find myself in the center of that maze called life. I am in the middle of something, somehow, somewhere, but walled corridors keep me from seeing the cheese; the "ing" in a maze.

On one hand I could set off in any direction like a ZhuZhu pet who would be inclined to roll down the aisle, squeaking and cooing while bumping into obstacles along the way. Then with an adorable "uh oh" the cheeky critter would back up and head in another direction only to end up right where she started.

On the other hand, given a pointy snout, small rounded ears and a long, hairless tail I might, as a mouse, be better geared to succeed. Like a muffed, miniature maniac I would sniff and scurry down the right corridor toward that curd of milk separated from the whey, seasoned and aged to a delectable delight.

Being neither mouse nor ZhuZhu, I am more like Ziggy. Standing in the middle of life's maze contemplating how I can get to the "ing". What is the "ing" you ask. The "ing" is simply what you've been chosen for, conscripted, or called to do. It could be a dream or an idea, a new direction for your life, or a grand decision. Whatever it is, it is uniquely your th--"ing".

To others the "ing" might seem eccentric or exceptional. X might tell you, "You are here", you've arrived, this is all you're gonna' get. But the pursuit of "ing" tells you to keep sniffing, keep scurrying. You might bump into a few walls and even end up back where you started but "ing" at the end of a maze is worth it.

By the way, on your "ing" pursuit have a little faith in God and in yourself. Faith will give your heart direction when all your eyes see is a maze. At the same time while you're rolling along take every opportunity along the way to mark your memories on a sign post and drop a few joy crumbs. You may be able to help a few others on their a maze "ing" journey.

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  1. Stoping to give you a hug in the middle of the maze. It is nice to have company, but I can't wish either of us to stay here-feeling so confused and mixed up and trying hard to determine what direction is the right one! I'm getting very tired of the walls around me!


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