Friday, November 26, 2010

I Survived Black Friday

Today my mind and emotions feel very much like Black Friday. They are rushing around in my head and heart like little shoppers.  Wrangling and crowding each other for the first place in line at odd hours, they pursue that number one gift or gadget that will make someone's day. 

Mine is peace. I have chased peace for as long as I can remember. Now, before you jump to a conclusion and yell, "You need Jesus!", let me say that I believe there is a major difference between knowing the Peace Maker and tackling peace. In this world we will continue to experience great difficulties and I do not find peace in those things. I do find peace in Jesus, but that does not annihilate the pain and heartache while waiting out the cold, dark hours.

While my thoughts scan the memory posts about happy blessings that many enjoyed on Thanksgiving day, my less than desirable experience finds me looking up toward Heaven and like Rosa, in the 1995 movie, Sabrina, saying, "So I ask to God why I am here. I say, 'Why God?' but there is no answer. So I stop crying. It takes eleven years!"

My eleven years has passed more than five times and just when I think dawn is breaking I discover it is only a lamppost in a parking lot. Darkness still looms on the horizon and I am once again caught up in a lengthy and profound pursuit of that ultimate gadget called peace. Alone in the dark I enter into a sovereign solitude and begin to study my surroundings. 

A lamppost not only provides illumination and reflection, but also, can serve as a marker. Whatever struggle drove us to the dark place is insignificant. What is important is that we are right where we are supposed to be. Without those markers in our life; those afflictions and millstones that drag us down, there would be no peace. 

In all the chaos of black Fridays we learn to surrender to that dark place sooner and abide there longer. It is in these somber circumstances, alone and cold, that we wait for the greatest abundance. Treasures at bargain prices; treasures such as patience, forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, and love, all wrapped up in peace. 


  1. There are so many things to be learned each day in everyday things. I'm glad you stopped by my blog.

    I hope you return for the weekend hop or link up how you realize your blessings.

  2. hi I am here from the thanksgiving blog hop. I love these things. I enjoyed your recent entry.

  3. Thank you for participating in the weekend blog hop with CSAHMHSF, MusingMom6 & GoAskKatie. I am now your newest follower. Looking forward to exploring your blog.


  4. I am a new follower :) Beautiful page! Come visit and be sure to leave your link up on my recent post so that others can come visit you!

    Peace & Love

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