Monday, January 24, 2011

A Friend Knows the Song in my Heart

Robert Frost said, "The right reader of a good poem can tell the moment it strikes him that he has taken an immortal wound--that he will never get over it."

When I was a little girl I would often pester my mother to sing to me before bed. I loved the sound of her voice as it rose and fell with the melody. She had a simple repertoire of silly songs and serious songs. I didn't know then, that the words of one from the great Stephan Foster would be immortal and stay with me forever.

It wasn't the melody, although beautiful, it was the way my mother had of singing it, as if she had written it herself, just for me. I was her beautiful dreamer.

Her voice could warm up the coldest winter night and calm my worst nightmares. I would cuddle up next to her, and stroking my hair she would softly sing.

Beautiful Dreamer by Stephan Foster

Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me,
Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee;
Sounds of the rude world heard in the day,
Lull'd by the moonlight have all pass'd away!

Beautiful dreamer, queen of my song,
List while I woo thee with soft melody;
Gone are the cares of life's busy throng.

Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!
Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!

Beautiful dreamer, out on the sea,
Mermaids are chaunting the wild lorelie;
Over the streamlet vapors are borne,
Waiting to fade at the bright coming morn.

Beautiful dreamer, beam on my heart,
E'en as the morn on the streamlet and sea;
Then will all clouds of sorrow depart,

Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me! 

Now friends, you know the song in my heart. Sweet dreams.


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