Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Favorite Blogging Buddy

I love kisses! There is rarely a day gone by that the tickled pink candy dish doesn't caress those tantalizing teardrop shaped chocolate drops. They cuddle up together in a sultry silver mound while their blue and white flags wave temptingly, Oh say can you see...what so proudly we hail

There is something delicately sweet about unfolding that petite morsel from its bed of shiny sterling. A tidbit of a tiding tickles the tips of my fingers, and my taste buds explode like one of those teeny critters in a capsule. Marooned in that mellifluous kiss is a message of chocolicious delight.

To me, that little kiss has value. When no one understands how I'm feeling, a kiss is close by. They are cheaper than therapy, and that warm brown package with the blue arch welcomes walk-ins. On my dark, cloudy days a mini chocolate pick-me-up awaits my friendship with no strings attached...well, maybe one. With all these therapeutics wrapped in a silver lining, is it any wonder that kisses are my favorite blogging buddy? Even the Hershey company acknowledges, "the right words don't always come easily. And sometimes it's impossible to say what you really mean. But give someone a Hershey kiss and you've said it all".

A kiss can heal a boo-boo, melt a mother's heart, and mend a broken one. It can wipe out tears, speak louder than words, and make you feel young again. A little kiss can leave a big signature on a heart, profess love, unite two souls, steal innocence, and make a heart-quake. It can sweeten someone's day or boost a lonely spirit. One sincere kiss can say I'm sorry, congratulations, rejuvenate, encourage and genuinely show someone you care. 

So, to all my bloggy friends living on the Blogevard and to those who visit often I offer you a kiss, one of the most powerful things on earth.

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