Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Friends Don't Let Friends Stop Blogging

In an effort to not blog anyone down with a horrendous post about the cruelty of mankind, and the woes of self-directed family I firmly stated, "I am not blogging! I am going to bed and sleep forever!" 

Then, I heard a tiny voice. I paused, but there was nothing. I pulled out my jammies determined to ready myself to snuggle up to my pillow and escape to dreamland. I heard the voice again. It was clearer this time. Yes, it was a voice from above, at the top of the stairs, my daughter declared: Blogosphere: the funny frontier. These are the postings of the Woman in Cute Shoes. Her one month mission: to explore new words; to seek out new life-posts, and new collaborations;  to boldly go where she has never gone before.

Carol's log, stardate 1182011.  

I want to quit tonight. I don't want to blog about friends anymore. The ship is battered. The force fields are weak. My 'Scotty' is asleep on the couch, and the crew is no where to be found. I am alone, drifting in space and time. I am having trouble with scribbles and scripts. I am at a loss for words. The midnight hour is fast approaching.

I am drawing from an empty well. I am tired, disgusted, angry, hurt, and a host of other emotions that I haven't sorted out yet. I have been attacked by foe, friends, and family all in a matter of three days. I am ready to dig a hole, throw myself in, and pull the earth over me. It couldn't be anymore dark than it is here right now, and I'm sure it would be blissfully peaceful.  

Still, I will go on. I will pull myself back up into that captain's chair and set a course for new words. I will succeed because I have faithful friends who are there when encouragement and understanding are needed. Friends who will help to see me through because, friends don't let friends stop blogging. 

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