Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Three Amigas

My three daughters. They laugh together at things only the three of them understand. They fight and make up. They say obnoxious things to each other. They make silly videos, and share stories of the present and the past. They defend each other to the hilt, even if they disagree. When they turn a deaf ear to one another over something harsh, eventually one will do or say something and the ice will melt into streams of sister-friendship once again. 

This is a little rhyme about those three amigas.

Three ladies met one night, 
to sip some wine and facebook type.
They usually gathered on Saturday nights
to partake of the grapes and discuss the hype.
Silly and girly, they drank their drinks 
 in special glasses right by the sink.
The oldest preferred the raspberry wine,
With it's sweet-sour taste she thought it divine.
Not a hair out of place, and her make up done right;
The wisest and bravest, she'd been through some fights.
The middle gal stood two inches higher 
than both of her small sisters beside her;
Super model looks, and fashion sense to boot
The squabbles she'd been through were sometimes a hoot.
The youngest of these was shorter, and smaller than both.
Something she wished for the most was some growth.
She always expressed her opinion quite loudly
To whoever would listen, she'd tell them all, proudly.
So the three of them giggled, and grinned, and conspired.
They shared all the details that week had acquired.
Then on smart phones would post it on facebook together
For whoever was curious enough to discover.
Three sisters, three friends that had none like each other,
Well, maybe, except, perhaps their dear mother.

Poem by
Rebekah Mokry

Bless you my darlings. You are always in my heart.
Love ~~ Mom

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