Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Friends and Spice Make Everything Nice

I had a hot and spicy day today. I did get lunch as promised by number three daughter. We munched together on Buffalo Wild Wings, but along with them were other hot and spicy spots in my day. 

The hot spot was that my mother-in-law was admitted to the hospital last night because of a problem with her heart that was causing fluid build up in her lungs. After treatment she was doing well and we were told she would be released today. Early this morning, while still in the hospital, she fell and broke her femur. She will have surgery to set it tomorrow, but they also found an aneurysm in her heart. 

The spicy part was being held hostage by my two youngest grandchildren, attending a tea party where the tea and cupcakes were never cool enough to eat, being attacked by Cooties, climbing ladders and sliding down chutes, and building the best railroad ever.

Tonight I am drained and droopy, but I want to say that I am grateful to have friends to share the hot spots with, and for the two little spice drops in my day today, because friends and spice make everything nice. 

Tomorrow, I think I'll skip the hot wings and maybe just go with the spice drops. Goodnight y'all, and God bless.  

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